OCC Swim Progams

Adult Swimming

Masters Swim Program - Age 19 and up: Our Masters Program offers our adult swimmers year-round instruction and excellent workouts at all levels. Additionally, adults can swim without coaching at various times of the day.

Youth Swimming

Summer Youth Swim Program - Age 4 to 18:
OCC Sharks is a recreational swim team, dedicated to fostering excellent swim technique, team spirit and individual personal improvement. We are privileged to offer our youth the opportunity to participate in one of the most accomplished recreational swim programs in the East Bay. For the past 16 years, OCC has finished first in their league, the OMPA, and placed in the top 10 of Division I in the Contra Costa County Championship Meet. Led by Head Coach Steve Haufler, our coaching team is exceptional in teaching stroke technique, conditioning swimmers for competition and creating a life-long passion for the sport. During the summer months, our calendar is filled with an array of team building and spirited activities, creating an enjoyable atmosphere where friendships can be made.

Tiger Sharks Learn-to-Swim - 3 and up: Tiger Sharks Learn-to-Swim lessons are available to our young swimmers who are at least three years old and completely potty trained. Classes are available year-round through private scheduling with our coaching staff.

All program offerings are available to Orinda Country Club members only. If you are interested in knowing more about membership opportunities at OCC, please contact Marlena Kelly at mkelly@orindacc.org.


Private Lessons

STEVE HAUFLER | Head of Aquatics

Steve is a veteran with over 45 years of experience at the year-round, high school and country club swimming levels. This year is his 21st season as OCC’s Head Coach. Steve holds a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from UC Santa Barbara and a Master of Education from Colorado State University. He specializes in teaching competitive swimming skills, has been a featured speaker at national and international coaching clinics, and has published 9 best-selling instructional DVDs through goswim.tv. 
Private Lesson Rate: $120 per hour